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Racing Multiplication Deluxe

1 usd

Race across the world with this flash card based racing game! Excellent for students learning how to multiply numbers up to twelve, kids will love being able to choose from cars of various colors and racing across deserts, mountains, forests and beaches! See wildlife including cows, sheep, and seals! Features
- 25 racing levels!- Pick up where you left off - start the race from any level you have already beaten!- Achievements to keep track of progress and compare with friends!- Includes racing game and regular flash cards for practicing math!- All vehicles are included!- No ads!
The game includes two modes - the racing game and flash cards:
Racing game: Answer multiplication flash cards correctly while racing against another car. Each right answer moves your car closer to the finish line. As the races progress, the opponent's car moves faster and faster, while the math problems get harder and harder.
Flash cards: Flip through math flash cards at your own casual pace. Choose whether you want to only use numbers 0 to 5, 0 to 9, or 0 to 12. Simply tap the flash card to hide and show the correct answer to the problem, and hit next to move on to the next multiplication flash card.